Dispensary & Business Training


Certification Courses

Professional Interpening

Interpening is the first cannabis sommelier training program for flower connoisseurs and dispensaries that want to increase their flower sales by providing customers exceptional experiences.

Dispensary Training

Cannabis Consultant Training is the primary dispensary education course.  Increase customer retention and decrease risk with modern cannabis science. product, and sales training.

Extraction & Concentrates

Extraction & Concentrate details the various extraction methods and products they create.  This moderately advanced course is intended for dispensaries and extraction labs.

Group Enrollment Details

Trichome Institute is pleased to offer group training discounts between 30-50% off.  Group pricing begins at 10 courses and can be purchased in increments of 10.

Group pricing is based on the number of courses purchased, not the amount of students enrolled.  Groups can enroll 90 students into a single course or 30 students into 3 courses and the pricing would be the same.

Multiple group administrators can be assigned to each group.  Admins have the ability to add students into a group via email invitation, monitor course progress progress, and access final PDF certifications.

Courses are 100% online and do not require any additional materials.  However, the Interpening course can be accompanied by the book, Weed Wheel, and Loop at wholesale prices.